What is Evolutionary Astrology?

“The wave is the same as the ocean, though it is not the whole ocean. So each wave of creation is a part of   the  eternal  Ocean of  Spirit. The   Ocean  can  exist  without the waves, but  the waves cannot exist without the Ocean.”~~ Paramahansa Yogananda

The birth chart, which is a snapshot of the celestial energies that are present at the moment we are born, contains all of the information of the cycle of lessons that we are working on. Pluto, by sign and house placement, and aspect to other planets, describes the karmic necessities that we have brought with us, neither punishment, nor retribution, but simply our “unfinished business” which has carried over into this lifetime. The South Node of the Moon by sign, house and aspects, and it’s ruler, by house, sign, and aspect, reveals the details of how we worked on those lessons prior to this lifetime.

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Consensus state comprises approximately 70% of the people on the planet.  Jeffrey called this the “herd mentality” state. An individual in consensus state finds security in being like everyone else. They want to learn how to “play the game” so that they can “keep up with the Joneses.” Each of the stages described has 3 sub stages. In the third stage of this consensus state are the people running the world, the bankers, the kings, religious leaders, the lawmakers and political leaders, captains of industry, etc.  Over many lifetimes they “have figured it all out” and have “mastered the rules” of consensus reality. Not only have they figured out “how to play the game,” they are making the rules. However, even as we achieve a maximum of financial and/or social freedom and status, we still do not feel secure. We fear that we will lose it somehow.

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Evolutionary Astrology  describes the Soul’s journey from lifetime to lifetime.  EA, as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green, is a modern, transpersonal, depth psychology,  and Soul-centered approach to the ancient craft of astrology. The work builds upon the foundation of traditional Western astrology.

Pluto in the Birth Chart

Pluto in a birth chart correlates to the the Soul itself–the Divine Spark that instinctively separates from Source, All-That-Is, the Creator/Creatress, God/Goddess, or however you perceive the Higher Power that is the Creative force of the Universe.

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The Soul’s Dual Desire Nature

The Soul’s core desire is security. Using the analogy of the ocean and the wave, Source, All-That-Is, correlates to the ocean.  The Soul is the wave that rises up out of the ocean.  As the wave, the illusion of separation is created. The Wave no longer sees itself as the the Ocean, but only as the wave.

The Soul has a dual desire nature. The first desire of the Soul is to seek security through a widening experience of self,  which has an infinite number of expressions, arising from that original desire of the Soul to separate from Source, and project itself into Space and Time .

Progressively, the Soul exhausts one separating desire after another, relationships and sexuality, material possessions of every imaginable kind, beauty and artistic creativity, family, power, career… the list goes on and on. As each desire is fulfilled there is a temporary sense of satisfaction, and then a bigger satisfaction is needed and sought out. As the Soul exhausts separating desire after separating desire, the question begins to arise… “There must be something more than this.”

The Soul’s  other singular desire begins to emerge— the recognition of one’s connectedness to All-That-Is and the desire to return to Source. Ultimately, the Soul realizes that none of the achievements and acquisitions is as fulfilling or as satisfying as expected. After many lifetimes, the Soul comes to the realization that the only true fulfillment is the awareness of the Soul’s connection to Source, and to seek security only from trusting the Universe, the Will of God.  The process is very gradual for sure. Not only does it not happen in one day, or one year, or even in one lifetime. The dual desires are constantly in a delicate balance. Eventually the balance tips in favor of the returning desire.

The Relationship of Mars and Pluto

Pluto carries the Soul’s deepest unconscious security desires, relative to evolutionary state. Mars represents how the individual is consciously acting, actualizing the Soul’s deepest (Pluto) desires. This is why Mars is considered to be the lower octave of Pluto.  For this reason, Mars becomes the leading edge of the our evolution.  What we consciously pursue is instinctive, again relative to Pluto’s core needs for security.  We engage emotionally with each of our desires as we experience them.  This is the Soul  learning about itself, what it needs, and what has meaning. In cycles of  lifetimes we work through sets of lessons.  From lifetime to lifetime, we pick up where we left off.

Evolutionary States

The planetary archetypes have a wide spectrum of expressions.  According to Jeff Green, there are 4 main evolutionary states of human evolutionary development.  The evolutionary state cannot be determined simply by reading the chart alone.  Understanding the evolutionary state of the person seeking the reading, by observation and correlation, reveals how the archetypes are being expressed in a particular lifetime. The dynamics of each archetypal theme are determined by the evolutionary state of the Soul. For instance, we know that Pisces can be either the visionary or the lunatic, and anything in between. This cannot be determined from the chart alone.  The chart must be correlated to the life experiences of the individual.

The 3 main evolutionary states are consensus state, individuated state, and spiritual state.  Each of the states is comprised of 3 stages.  An individual may be working solely through one evolutionary state, or transitioning from one state to the next. Since we are consciousness, we are not “pinned” to a single point in this evolutionary spectrum. Rather it is like a chord on a piano… we are expressing across an arc of this progression. Perhaps we are holding onto something that we still enjoy on a physical level, or still need to find acceptance and approval among our peers (consensus), while we are individuating, or even spiritualizing. The following is a brief description of each state.

After many lifetimes of believing the cultural and societal conditioning, the Soul begins to realize that there is a different reality than what our teachers, patriarchal religious leaders, kings and politicians have told us.  They stop believing “the party line” and begin to question authority in order to come to their own conclusions about the nature of the world. They are the rebels, the innovators… the free and independent thinkers. In the Individuated third stage

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of this evolutionary state are the poets, the artists, and the visionaries–the creative force inspiring humanity to reach higher. This group comprises approximately 20 percent of the planet. As a result of the questioning of the nature of reality, and the freedom to think as an individual, the Soul begins to understand that there are Natural Laws that are absolute and true outside of time and space–Laws of Nature that are true in any time frame of history or culture. As we begin to understand and live according to these natural laws into our life, we begin to awaken the Soul’s desire to return to Source. Spiritual in this context does not mean religious. Most of the world’s great religions belong to the consensus state–the patriarchal conditioning that we have suffered for the last 6000 years. Souls who are spiritualizing comprise a mere 3-5% of the population of the planet. According to David Hawkins, author of Power v. Force, the power of human consciousness is so great, that in the total history of the planet only a handful of individuals,–Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Yogananda, Ghandi, to name a few, the true self-realized Masters, have upheld all of mankind. These were the 3rd stage Spiritual Souls.

The Soul’s Evolutionary Intention

Our birth chart reveals our evolutionary axis, our individual life path forward. All of the astrological archetypes are polarities according to the Hermetic principle of The Law of Polarities—knowledge left to us by the Ancients. The polarity point of Pluto, it’s opposite point in the birth chart, correlates to the resolution  of the life’s lessons, and our evolutionary intentions.  The South Node of the Moon describes how we worked on our lessons in the past.  The Lunar North Node and its ruler, each by house sign and aspect, point the way to facilitating our evolutionary growth. The circumstances and the relationships we will meet in each lifetime have been chosen by the Soul prior to birth. Our free will is expressed by how we respond to those circumstances and relationships.  It’s all good. It is not what happens to us.  It is about how we respond to what happens that makes it “good” or “bad.

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